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Extending healthspan for people living with diabetes

Diabetes is complex. Managing foot health doesn’t have to be.

Living with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy can be overwhelming. With an estimated 30 million Americans suffering from peripheral neuropathy,1 and 60% of people with diabetes developing it, the importance of proactive prevention cannot be overstated. Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), which lead to 85% of amputations,2 are preventable. Don't let something as small as a rock in your shoe or sitting in the same position for too long result in devastating damage. 

We provide proactive prevention to help you keep your feet healthy and improve your quality of life.

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Our turn-key solution

Pressure offloading is at the forefront of foot ulcer prevention.³ The Orpyx Sensory Insole system is the only solution that can proactively enable patients to relieve areas of high pressure.
Monitor plantar pressure, adherence, step count, and temperature data

The Orpyx® Sensory Insole system helps to reduce the risk of DFUs by monitoring plantar pressure, adherence, step count, and temperature data for at-risk patients with peripheral neuropathy. This system helps drive patient engagement and extends mobility for people living with loss of protective sensation by transforming patient care through patient data, analytics, and coaching.

Capture patient health data between visits with actionable insights

Trend the most robust actionable plantar data set for better patient experience, insight, and care. 

Virtual care monitoring coaching program for your patients and their needs

Our dedicated remote patient monitoring (RPM) team, comprised of credentialed providers and nurses, utilizes advanced data science methodologies to provide personalized support and triaged clinical escalation. Unlocking new revenues from remote patient monitoring reimbursements.

Diabetes healthspan extension™

Orpyx is a leading digital therapeutics company that is committed to extending healthspan for people living with diabetes through personalized remote care.

With our whole-person approach, Orpyx empowers people to take control of their health, prevent debilitating complications and extend their healthspan.

Our mission

We’re building solutions that extend diabetes healthspan

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