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DFU prevention starts underfoot

Reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcer recurrence

The Orpyx® Sensory Insole system helps reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) recurrence by monitoring plantar pressure, adherence, step count, and temperature data for at-risk patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Trend the most comprehensive and actionable plantar data set available to enhance patient experience, gain valuable insights, and improve care.

Improve patient care through plantar pressure prevention

Elevated plantar pressure is a primary cause of diabetic foot ulcers, while increased plantar temperature is a late-stage indicator of inflammation and tissue damage. To prevent diabetic foot ulcers, it is essential to prioritize pressure offloading.

Help prevent diabetic foot ulcers with the Orpyx Sensory Insole system. Our solution proactively relieves high-pressure areas and monitors step count, adherence, and temperature data to significantly reduce the risk of complications. 

The system tracks real-world physiological data throughout the day, making it easier to adjust patient care plans and allocate healthcare resources effectively, ultimately leading to better outcomes and reduced workload.

Our solution for DFU prevention

A tailored approach based on patient needs

  • Carefully designed to look and feel like a typical insole
  • Ultra-thin, prefabricated sensory insoles fit in most every-day footwear
  • The simple order process only needs shoe size and remote patient monitoring order form
  • Qualifies for RPM CPT® codes; no DME license required
  • For patients that need custom orthotic insoles with remote patient monitoring services
  • Helps prevent diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) recurrence*
  • Qualifies for coverage of HCPCS A5514 and RPM CPT® codes

End-to-end turn-key services

Simple dashboard access and reporting capabilities

  • Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant dashboard for on-demand data access by credentialed remote patient monitors
  • Data is refreshed daily enabling ability to monitor patient adherence and identify potential problems 
  • Ease of data collection and reports 

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